Our Staff

Kath HarrisonCEO
“I find KNC to be an incredibly inclusive and safe enviromnent for the community, and I have been quoted as saying It’s A Beautiful Thing.”
Neil SmithFinancial and Administrative Support Worker
“I enjoy working with the genuinely-committed people here. The environment they have created is the best. They are supportive, flexible and friendly. KNC is work as it should be, for a world as it should be.”
Vasant DemelloCo-ordinator Katoomba Out Of School Hours Service
“Working at Katoomba Out Of School Hours (KOOSH) has given me the opportunity to become part of the Blue Mountains community in a meaningful way. I feel a sense of privilege and gratitude to be able to play a role in the lives of so many children and their families.”
Laurie StrathdeeCo-ordinator, Support and Development
“I really enjoy working at KNC with such supportive, friendly staff and volunteers. It is a privilege to work in a place where people are committed, dedicated and enjoy a good laugh and having fun. I love working with caring and diverse volunteers who are making a huge difference in the lives of the older people they visit.”
Marlene ChurnCo-ordinator Katoomba Volunteer Home Visitors
“KNC allows me to be creative within my project, have fun and the chance to connect with both individuals and the community. Working at KNC for me is a little like living in a shared house in the 1980’s, lots of people coming and going and everyone bringing their own unique style, personality and ideas. What I like is that every day is different and everyone has their own story to tell.”
Bren SherringCo-ordinator, Vale Street Social & Recreation Service
“Working in a place like Vale Street really makes you think about the amazing strengths that people can call forth under the most difficult circumstances. I get to spend my working days being (in turn) inspired, humbled and uplifted by the people who come into the centre, my co-workers and KNC staff. Everyone has a gift to add to the mix- it’s a truly synergistic operation! And yep, we laugh a lot too.”
Anna TardentNDIS Program Co-ordinator
“I find KNC to be a supportive and genuinely caring place to work. We often see people in difficult circumstances yet I am constantly blown away by the grace with which people face the challenges in their lives.”
Felicity TonksCo-ordinator, Community Visitors Scheme
“I feel very fortunate and humbled to be working alongside the volunteers and staff at KNC. I am always amazed by the spirit of generosity shown by our volunteer visitors, who give up their time so gladly and wholeheartedly, providing the residents in our local aged care facilities with something bright to look forward to from week to week. When one walks through the door at KNC, all prejudices dissolve. Every person has an important role to play here, especially those who just wish to drop in for a chat or a cup of tea. It is these people that I learn the most from…”
Barbara CuthbertQuality and Operations Manager
“KNC is probably the sanest place I’ve ever worked. Everyone here brings dedication and compassion to their work and their interactions with their colleagues, as well as their expertise and professionalism. And everyone here has a vibrant life outside of work, which is genuinely respected and valued - there’s real balance here. Working here I feel part of a genuine community, that in turn is servicing a wonderful wider Mountains community. And what’s the collective noun for a group of people all with a great sense of humour? i don’t know, but it would certainly apply to KOOSH and KNC! (and I definitely include the fantastic KOOSH kids and their families in that definition).”
Megan KavanaghASSIST Building and Maintenance, Administrator
“It is great to come to work and know that you will make a genuine difference, and a bonus would be the wonderful people and clients I get to work with.”
Claire GroverBlue Mountains Community Support Programme
“It is very rewarding working on a programme that provides a helping hand to vulnerable members of the community, and assists to maintain dignity and independence for our ageing population. It is so nice to work with people who are genuinely committed to providing quality services to their local community.”
Korey GunnisKatoomba Film Society Facilitator
‘Working at KNC provides me a wonderful opportunity to facilitate community and social engagement for people who may be vulnerable to social isolation. Facilitating the Katoomba Film Society provides me this opportunity, as this project attracts people in the community who may be ageing or have a disability, and have an interest in meeting new people who enjoy watching and discussing classic film’.
Josie VendraminiCommunity and Cultural Development Co-ordinator
We are happy to welcome Josie Vendramini to the KNC team!