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Blue Mountains Community Support Program

The Blue Mountains Community Support Program is designed to support and enhance the quality of life for frail older people or people with disabilities and their carers living at home.

What does this Service offer?

Domestic Assistance

We provide a domestic assistance service tailored to help maintain your independence at home through assistance with housework and cleaning. We are also able to offer a specialised service for people with more complex domestic cleaning needs. Both these services are provided by trained staff. The service is premised on a client directed model and is designed to engane with those that are willing and able to provide direction and self-manage their care.

Social Transport

Social Transport Services provided by the Blue Mountains Community Support Program are targeted at existing clients of Social Support Groups, social inclusion activities, or programs in each of the partner Neighbourhood Centre’s geographies. Social Transport is provided to identified clients to enable them to access existing Social inclusion groups and maintain connection to their community. Transport options for clients include subsidized taxi’s, transport of clients using vehicles owned by partner organizations, transport of clients by volunteers of partner neighbourhood Centres’ using their vehicles, and subsidized bus trips for Social group events

Service Delivery

Please ask to receive this service at a time of day that will best suit you and your needs. The domestic assistance i8s offered on a fortnightly basis at a subsidised cost of $6.50 per hour.You will receive a monthly invoice for your contribution towards the cost of the service. If you are having difficulty meeting costs, please discuss options available with the Coordinator.

Who can access the Service?

To be eligible for a Domestic Assistance service the recipient must:

What you can expect

How can I get referred?

Contact your local neighbourhood centre to ask about being referred to the domestic assistance service. In consultqation with you we will arrange for the Coordinator to undertake a home assessment to help identify your individual needs and goals. If an interpreter is required for the home assessment this can be arranged.

What you can do to help