Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)

The Community Visitors' Scheme (CVS) matches community volunteers with residents of aged care facilities locally. This program is designed to provide social inclusion for persons in institutional care. CVS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing.

The Community Visitors’ Scheme (CVS) is a scheme to support volunteers to visit residents of Aged Care Facilities who may be lonely or isolated.

It was established in 1993 to improve the quality of life of older people living in residential aged care facilities.

The Community Visitors’ Scheme (CVS) is an Australian Government initiative which aims to enhance the rights of older people living in residential aged-care facilities.

The Community Visitors’ Scheme aims to improve the quality of life of residents in aged care facilities by:

  • providing friendship and companionship
  • assisting residents to maintain their independence
  • minimising residents’ isolation from the general community

Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre is the auspice organisation of the Upper Mountains Community Visitor Scheme.

CVS volunteers get together for Morning Tea and Chocolate Factory Tour at The Paragon Restaurant, Katoomba.



What do Community Visitors Do?

Community visitors are asked to set aside some time every fortnight to visit someone either in an aged care facility, or a resident in their own home receiving help with a Home Care Package. Depending on the community visitor and the resident visited, this time may be spent sharing thoughts, talking about day-to-day activities, walking in the garden, or on an outing to a coffee shop, park…or anyone of a number of activities. Visitors could also run a small group at a aged care facility, such as a reading group, pet therapy group, or music group.

The visits are an important link between residents and the wider community and help an older or disabled person enjoy life to its full potential.

The Community Visitor is rewarded through sharing of a resident’s rich and interesting life. Many lasting friendships develop between residents and visitors. Volunteers receive training and are invited to meet other volunteers at our various KNC gatherings.

Support Offered to Community Visitors

As far as possible visitors are matched with residents, taking into account shared interests, hobbies, backgrounds and life experiences.

Training prior to matching is provided to improve the awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of residents in aged care facilities.

  • Regular informal support meetings and training seminars are provided.
  • Reimbursement for out-of pocket expenses.
  • Contact with the larger Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre commuunity is offered.
  • Contact and support from the CVS Co-ordinator.

A volunteer community visitor accompanied by her %u2018Dog de Bordeaux%u2019, visiting resident at Morven Gardens.

A volunteer community visitor accompanied by her ‘Dog de Bordeaux’, visiting resident at Morven Gardens.



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More information
CVS Co-ordinator: Felicity Tonks. If  you would like to know more about the Community Visitors’ Scheme,would like to become a visitor or know of a resident in a participating aged-care facility who would appreciate a visitor please contact: 

Phone: 4782 1117

or use this form to contact Felicity:

Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre
8 Station Street, Katoomba.
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